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Socket 370 to Slot 1? | AnandTech Forums: Technology ... I believe that would be impractical as a slot 1 cpu has a larger mass than a socket 370 slot it can fit into. And besides, there are mobos out there that offer socket 370 for the 440BX chipset(i.e. Asus CUBX-E). Review: PPGA Celeron to Slot 1 adapter card - Dan's Data A PPGA Celeron adapter board is a simple enough creature. It's got a socket on it just like the ones on PPGA Celeron motherboards, and on its edge is a Slot 1 connector. Plug your Celeron into it and presto, it'll work with any ordinary Slot 1 motherboard. Socket 370 to 478 processor adapter? | Yahoo Answers Answers. Nope, there aren't any ways to put a 478 socket in a 370 socket, besides the BIOS on that 370 socket motherboard will not work with the 478 socket. It is best to get a LGA 775 Core 2 Duo system, motherboard and processors and RAM have dropped down in price. I would suggest getting a cheap yet reliable MSI or Asus motherboard...

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What happened to the Slot to Socket 8 Slocket | [H]ard|Forum What happened to the Slot to Socket 8 Slocket ... of the Socket 370 - Slot 1 slot keys that specifically support the Tualatin .13 micron chips, and have a blast with ... Socket 8 / Slot 1 / Socket 370 Motherboards - Vogons Wiki There were some Slot 1 motherboards based on the Intel 815 chipset. Examples include SOYO SY-7ISM (with both Slot 1 and Socket 370) and Abit SH6. 820. The i820 chipset is designed to support only RDRAM and only 1.5v AGP, although some motherboards feature special RDRAM to SDRAM bridge chip.

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Jan 1, 2000 ... ... bus speeds over 66MHz.? To use a Socket 370 Celeron on a Slot 1 motherboard, one would have to lay out the cash for a "slotket" adapter. EIPKH Industrial ISA Motherboard with socket 370 2 PCI ... Buy EIPKH Industrial ISA Motherboard with socket 370 2 PCI, on-board audio and video. ... QNINE USB 3.0 PCIe Expansion Card, 4 Port (3 External and 1 Internal) PCI-e to USB Adapter,… ... Bus slot: 3 PCI bus slot,1 ISA slots,1 AMR slots Socket 370 | Article about Socket 370 by The Free Dictionary Socket 370 uses a square SPGA ZIF socket with 370 pins, arranged 37x37 . ... variable bus speeds, so adapters are available that convert the socket pinout to allow ... Edge Cartridge (SEC) and Slot 1 receptacle introduced with the Pentium II.

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Krásný den, y196yy nabízím novou rozdvojku PCI slotu 32Bit. Rozměry - 13x6,5x2cm Kompatibilita PCI 32bit Podporuje reverzní použití 1x PCI kabel (Předmět není v originálním obalu. Bude odeslán v bublinkové obálce.) chladič Intel socket 370, pro pentium 3 | Aukro Prodám CPU chladič Intel, pro socket 370. Ventilátor v pořádku, tichý, hlučnost odpovídá počtu otáček 4500/min. Platbu očekávám nejpozději do 7 pracovních dnů od ukončení aukce. Nezasílám mimo Českou republiku. Slot adaptér Pentium 2 3 Celeron PGA370 | Aukro

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Quick Reference Guide (rev 1.00) | Slot1 to Socket370 … The Slot1 to Socket370 Adapter is for slot1 mainboards to accommodate Intel® Celeron Processors up to 450 MHz. INSTALLATION. Board Layout.The Fan should be installed first before inserting the CPU into its socket. 1. Locate the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) Socket 370. Slot 1 / Socket 370 Adapters | Tom's Hardware Forum Slot 1 / Socket 370 Adapters. Thread starter enad. Start date Apr 3, 2005.If you need a new adapter, you might consider the Upgradeware Slot-T, which supports both Coppermines and Tualatins (up to 1.4GHz), plus adds voltage adjustment jumpers and bus speed detection jumpers. adapter 370 - slot 1 | Новое смешное и необычное видео adapter 370 - slot 1 - смотри бесплатно и без рекламы в видеоплеере о adapter 370 - slot 1 и разместили всё в удобном для вас месте.