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World of Tanks - Free T-15, Garage Slot and Premium Hello everyone, A website called is giving away World of Tanks codes for new and existing accounts. The code will give you a: Pz.Kpfw. T 15 – Tier III Premium German Light Tank Garage Slot 5x Chocolate If you already have the tank, you get the garage slot and the Credits for the tank, […] World Of Tanks Maximum Garage Slots World Of Tanks Maximum Garage Slots. world of tanks maximum garage slots Aug 12, 2016 World of Tanks PC - More FREE Garage Slots - Focus Friday Play World of Tanks for FREE: ... World of Tanks Blitz - All premiums in 3.0 - garage …Jul 31, 2015 You can sell non-premium tanks to free up slots. You can always buy back the non-premium tanks sold. World of Tanks PC - Free Garage Slot - Focus Fridays Dec 18, 2015 · Free tank for some, free garage slot for others! Twitter: Facebook: Let's Battle! Garage Slots Are At 1/3 Cost... - WOT World of Tanks

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Garage Slots ( 4 )Frequently Asked Questions - detailed information about World of Tanks, WoT config, play award-winning free military mmo computer game for pcThere are lots of in-game-goods available in World of Tanks, such as Gold, credits, experience, crew members, equipment, Garage Slots Are At 1/3 Cost... - WOT World of Tanks May 20, 2014 · Garage Slots Are At 1/3 Cost... - posted in WOT World of Tanks: Just in case anyone missed this, Garage slots are on sale for only 100-Gold. Premium Shop

World of Tanks - Free T-15, Garage Slot and Premium

So, I see a lot of posts with people who have like 50 tanks and 30 vacant garage slots; how in the world do you get so many? I certainly cannot afford to buy slots at 300 gold a piece. Is there a trick to getting that many slots? Is there often a mega sale for that kind of thing? In-Game Store and Depot - The Store and Depot in your Garage allow the quick and efficient management of your in-game property. You can buy various vehicle supplies and Premium goods in the Store, or browse purchased items in the Depot, as well as sell anything unnecessary from your stock. World of Tanks - The Garage Screen

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World of Tanks M22 Locust + Garage Slot EU Code | Buy on… Includes: M22 Locust, Garage Slot The M22 Locust is an American tier 3 premium light tank.Initially designed for airborne operations, the vehicle was never used as such by the U.S.A. during World War II. In the absence of a good air delivery system, the Ordnance Department became less enthusiastic...

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[Premium Shop] Fabulous Friday Sales - 15 March | Special and They finally succeeded in recruiting a radio operator for the KV-5. [Premium Shop] March Eggstravaganza | Special and In-Game